Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Day 10 - Will the strings "sort it out"?

Sectional/Tutorial day today! Now the strings can use up as much time as they need to. No, I'm not being nasty or faecious. We all have our own rooms where our expert tutors will pick our parts apart and have us working as a well oiled machine as a result.

Brass were somehow relegated to the basement of the museum. Oddly enough it was the violins who commanded our usual tutorial room, studio 2. Did I mention that studio 2 is air conditioned?  Hmmmm!

Even better, the Police bag pipe "band" has offices and rehearses in the basement. Getting the picture yet, dilligent blog readers?

Yes, some "bag piper" did some practice while we were practicing too. Well, they only squeeked and squawked every so often. Some moments they actually played the whole damn instrument. Oddly enough it was musically funny in some respects. When we finished rehearsing a section the "squawker" would play perfectly in time with with his noise. But most of the time it annoyed the crap out of all of us.

Mr. Luff not happy with the bag pipers

Our illustrious tutor, Peter Luff, was driven many times to the point of swearing, when these "interruptions" occured. He normally swears and is one of the brass boys (persons) but this was actually getting to him. A few bag pipe comments and references were made during the session, some of them loud enough for the bag pipers to hear. Hehee. At one point our "adversary" slammed the door shut, then we immediately proceeded to play twice as loud. :-)

Did I mention it was the POLICE pipe band? You know, with members of the police running, organising and performing in it!

Maybe we or I misinterpreted was the door was slammed shut. It could have been a draft but we made our own fun, as only brass players can.

It was a hot and humid day today, with expected temperatures to reach 30 degrees C. The basement is actually airconditioned believe it or not. But today it was hot and steamy down there. I guess there was a leak or 2 that let our cold air our. Lack of walls, or the large entrance door left open? Who knows!

Yes, we did swelter every so often but being the commando troopers we are, we perservered, improved our individual playing resulting and some brilliant section playing. This will compliment some outstanding wind and string playing heard the day before. Yes, our percussion are great too! (said sincerely)

Is it perfect? No! Will it be "note perfect" on the night, given we still have a week to rehearse? I don't think so. I do know, from where I'm sitting any way, that it will be a performance to remember, with some outstanding performing, despite some weird but wonderful writing.


I neglected to comment on our chorus' "standard" status. I have not heard them since last Sunday so I can not comment, seriously or frivolously. If they do absorb John Curro's interpretations and inspirational leading from Sunday and continue to improve like the orchestra is, then we are in for something special next Wednesday night.

The concert sold out weeks ago. The open dress rehearsals are sold out, I think. Musicians are coming from the other side of the world to perform in out Gothic Ensemble. Musicians, not just Havergal Society members, are coming from around the world just for this concert.

How can any performing member, let alone the organising committee and crew, NOT BE EXCITED to be part of this unique and historic event?

Stay tuned my friends, with the Gothic Tuba Experience

John Szkutko

"Tuba Section" - John Szkutko (Yamaha Custom F) Elise Mills (B&S PT6 C)

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