Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Day 9 - Coming together

As I have previously stated in days 4 & 8 blogs, the strings use up valuable "orchestra" time sorting out their parts. Once again, despite it being over a week since we started, they used up much time once again. Only this time John Curro politely asked (cool customer this man, very clever too) "isn't this something to sort out during tutorials?" Very subtle indeed! Especially as he asked his daughter this question.

Despite my personal frustration (and many other orchestra members) with this, the strings are sounding great. They are coping with some riduculously hard parts. But please, sort them out!!

There, I will mention this subject no more! : 0 )

Today attendance was, quite visually, much better. Many more first timers entered into our Gothic ensemble and were warmly welcomed. Just looking at the wind section, it was evident something was going on. Instant breeding, cell duplication, cloning?? This section is almost at capacity now with its large attendance. It almost looks like there is a military band sitting behind the strings.

I heard some meaty but quality contra bassoon playing today from Shaun. Yet we are still waiting on another contra bassoon player to join us. This will be something special to hear.

Shaun during his early morning practice
There are a number of standard works that require 2 tubas. 2 contra bassoons? Who'da thunk it and very rare indeed. Mr Harvergal is quite a unique writer and I can't wait to hear our 2 contras pumping out his meaty symphony. But before they do, we (tubas) will be making our own impact in the first part (mvts 1,2,3).

Tuba 1 was playing much better today. No more brain farts and screwing up his parts. Just the usual slip here and there, like a few other musicians I noticed. Overall, the ensemble is melding together quite well, given the eclectic personell assembled together.

Our USA harpist Rebecca will be joined by a fellow country person, Karim, from Los Angeles. He contacted me via FaceBook a couple of months ago to chat about this Gothic event. He is a composer and a bass trombone player. He mentioned in his correspondance that he won't be playing but he will be one of many international musicians attending this monstrous production. I hope to meet him tomorrow (Wednesday) as he flew out last Sunday to sunny... umm indifferent-weather Brisbane.

Just thinking about attendance and what we are producing right now, it's scary to know what some sections of music will sound like with 9 basses, not just the 5 we have right now. Also, many more violins will boost our numbers too. There is some gorgeous string writing both "solo strings" and with wind and brass. I can't wait for our performance next Wednesday.

6 more sleeps until we perform the Gothic Symphony. I'm excited!

Keep following the Gothic Tuba Experience

John Szkutko

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