Thursday, December 16, 2010

Day 11 - Day of rest, so here are some pictures!

A well earned day of rest for all concerned.

Saves more lives than an ambulance

Brass and MD Curro

Documentary crew

Doco crew again

Paparazzi wanna be, doco crew member

Meeting of the minds, doco crew

"I have a bass trumpet and I'm not afarid to use it" A. Head

"Too much tuba, we'd like to hear some bassoons" Yeah right!!!

Mr Head (Adrian) bass trumpet extraordinaire

Way too much vibrato Adrian!

Sasha, one half of the euphonium section

Conducting or fly swatting?

Please use the mic John

MD viewed from top of tuba 1 stand

John and Orchestra Manager Jeff Wecker
Bevan Messenger's bass trom giviing new meaning to "put a sock in it"

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