Saturday, December 18, 2010

Unique Musos Club

I just noticed another musician to add to the

"Gothic Symphony musicians whose instruments are bigger then they are"

Current membership

Elise Mills - Tuba
Jackie - Contra bassoon

Newest member,

Chen - Double bass

"Special Mug" Update

While continuing to check every mug I see, I still have not found another one like mine. Jeff Wecker had a chat with the person who printed the mugs for us and he was surprised that he had made any error at all. I guess my mug is special and the only one of its kind. I kinda feel special too. Well, I've ben told many times I am special but that's a whole nother blog!!

Stay tuned with the Gothic Tuba Experience

John Szkutko


  1. John,

    An update for you on the mugs and other unique promotional items. Yours was the ONLY mug printed Go thic and I didn't have the heart to tell you that I arranged this on purpose!

    Another unique item was printed, a t-shirt for John Curro, but instead of reading "Conductor? it ended up reading "Conducter" - all spell checking privileges should be removed from the promotional company who printed the shirt!

    Great Blog mate and it was a pleasure to work with you once again!


  2. Jeff,

    If I remember correctly, I just picked a mug out of the box that was on the table at the time of my registering. Totally random, as you didn't know when any specific person would show up at any particular time, let alone select a particular mug box, hoping that I would pick a specific mug.

    Please let me know if i'm wrong about this! :-)