Monday, December 13, 2010

Day 8 - *cue dramatic music* Monday the 13th!!!

Yes, Monday the 13th!! Garfield's (the cat) most hated day of the week. (a bit of trivia for you)

Choir and bands are not here, as we worked on part 1, movements 1, 2 and 3.

Orchestra numbers are starting to gradually increase. Rebecca joined us this morning perfomring on harp. Boy were her arms tired, she just flew in from the USA! A welcome addition to the already massive collection of instruments scored for in the this symphony.

Sara Payne "flew in" after lunch from Melbourne and thankfully her arms weren't as tired as she performed splendidly with our existing trumpets.

There are a few more boosting the ensemble but I can't recall their names.

Quite simply it was a day of fixing bits and pieces here and there and doing a complete run through of each movement. There were still problems with the string parts but there are now sorted out (hopefully for the last time). The sections are starting to meld with each other and some wonderful sounds are being produced. A slip here and there was evident but they were much less than a week ago.

Last Sunday was always going to be the hardest part of the Gothic experience, with choir and brass bands joining the orhcestra. We didn't know "each other" or how we/they sounded all in the same room. Cob webs were blown away and mistakes sorted out. It won't be easy now until the concert but we know what to expect and will work toward performing at our peak, come Wednesday 22nd of December.

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John Szkutko


  1. Who's Sara Payne from Melbourne? Is that a conglomeration of Geoffrey Payne from Melbourne, and Sarah Wilson- from NZ now Brisbane?

  2. All I know is that Sara married Geoff and that they are gainfully employed in the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra. Oh, if you haven't been told, Geoff will be performing with us!

  3. Oh I know he is...and so is Sarah Wilson from the Queensland Symphony Orchestra. Lol!

  4. Oh crap! I think I've been fed a pile of mis-information about Geoff and Sara. Or I've mis-interpreted information provided to me.

    There is no adultery or infidelity to anyone concerned.

    Oh, the journalistic embaressment! Good thing musicians have a wonderful sense of humour. So, have I kissed enough ass yet?