Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Still "just" Gothic - day 3

Another early wet start to rehearsals. Attendance was a mere speck better than the day before, as another double bass turned up. No real start stop rehearsing today, just a quick talk from Mr Curro as to where tempo changes and other critical moments are in the first 3 movements. Straight run throughs of each movement was the order of the day, well, that was the plan. But there was minimal stopping and we gained a feel for the first half (first 3 mvts) of this massive symphony.

The brass were obviously improving as many sections of music spoke properly for the first time. Not bad considering we only started rehearsing (some of us sight reading) yesterday!

The tubas were payed the ultimate compliment before rehearsal start. Our MD John Curro walked stright up to us and with a big smile on his face, said "what a fantastic section"! I think he was most impressed that most of what we did actually resembled what was on his score. Either way, it instilled some extra confidence in the "section" and we performed much better that morning.

What a blow!!! By lunch time we (tubas mostly) were almost shot to pieces. In my particular case, I needed to rest my chops about 3/4 into the third movement for a few bars. I hadn't done this much sustained playing for quite a while. Especially given the fact that my part is more above the staff than below.

During our morning tea break, I caught up with the conductor of QYO 3 from back in 1987, Chen Yang. He is playing first violin in the orchestra. He did remember me and we reminiced about the good ol' days of QYO 3.  At lunch time Sara Curro, our orchestra leader, caught up with me and we recalled our time in QYO3 too. We did start to wonder how many other QYO3-ers from back then were playing in the Gothic Orchestra.

Jenny Flottman, nee Myers, was another QYO3-er, playing principal oboe back then. There, some more trivia to date so far.

It was a welcome relief that our brass sectional  after lunch was cancelled, as all of our chops needed a break. I was happy for the fact I could use the afternoon to catch up on work. It hadn't rained all day so I was able to cut a couple of lawns that afternoon.

The orchestra is improving and many "new" sounds are coming through as a result. It's still a bit of an odd piece to listen to. Another 2 weeks time, after we have the choir, extra orchestra members and brass bands rehearsed, we shall appreciate this symphony in all its glory. Or we'll either love it or hate it! Time will tell.

Stay tuned with the Gothic Tuba Experience

John Szkutko

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